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    Guangxi Bikang Medical Device Co., Ltd. is located in building 3, anying Industrial Park, Gangnan District, Guigang City, Guangxi Province, China, trategic location,convenient transportation.
     Bikang plant is constructed according to the relevant laws and regulations of medical equipment, with complete infrastructure, and a relatively complete productquality assurance system, which has sufficient production capacity and development potential.
    Bikang holds more than 1500 employees, and a professional technical and quality team of more than 200 people , equipped with 200 mask production all-in-one machine and related supporting sealing machine and other production equipment,equipped with inspection equipment and personnel matching with the product technical requirements . 
    1. 80 production line of KN95 respirator, up to the postpartum production capacity of 5.0 million per day. 
     2. 120 production line of 3 layers face mask , with a daily production capacity of 12.0 million. 
    The goal of our company is to cultivate outstanding talents, develop product quality and give back to consumers with high-quality products. We will strictly in accordance with the "medical equipment production quality management standards" to organize production, adhering to the quality of survival, quality for development, to quality efficiency. 
     The products meets American standard FDA and European Union standard CE, and the quality enjoys customers' confidence and praise. 
     We are looking forward to the friendly cooperation with our customers at home and abroad.